Health & Safety


Multifencing Safety Philosophy
‘Protecting our most valuable resource’

Our company’s philosophy is that all injuries can be prevented. We are committed to protecting workers, property and the public from incidents.

By ensuring everyone works safely, is fully trained in safety, uses the best personal protective equipment and are fully insured. At multifencing it is everyone’s responsibility to work safely.

At the end of the day the goals are simple: Safety and Security.

Your environment is our environment

We strive to use eco friendly and sustainable fencing materials from companies that have a ‘zero harm’ policy. We use timbers grown in renewable plantations only which comply with the AS 1604 standards to ensure we are contributing to the community in a positive way while delivering a premium fencing product.

Delivering the best value based products and services:

Multifencing prides itself on delivering a value based product with the service to compliment. We offer commercial and residential fencing, with the highest quality fencing work, while at all times maintaining our high standards of professionalism and always complying with Australian laws and standards


Multifencing has an extensive Workplace Health and Safety Policy in place and we ensure that the procedures in this policy are continually monitored and are of the highest priority in our daily operations. Environmental Management Policies and Procedures are also an integral part of our safety plan.



Multi fencing is committed to providing a safe, healthy and secure workplace to all its employees, contractors, visitors, customers and the community .Consistent with this Multifencing will:

  • Establish and monitor measurable objectives and targets to continually improve health & safety performance.
  • This will take into account our ever changing community expectations, management practices, and knowledge of the industry
  • We will comply with applicable heath and safety laws, regulations and standards and other relevant requirements. Where these do not exist, adopt and apply adequate standards that reflect the company’s commitment to health and safety
  • Endeavour to always manage risk by implementing systems to identify hazards, access, control and monitor risk measures, and implement the appropriate mitigating actions, taking into account the variable nature of workplace activities and related health and safety risks.
  • Always consult with and involve employees and contactors in the development of health and safety policies where they are affected. This includes the setting of objectives and targets, the development of procedures and systems and the decision making process regarding the management of risks in the workplace.
  • Inform all Multifencing employees, contractors, labour hire employees and visitors to Multifencing managed sites of their obligations regarding this policy, in order to manage policy implementation, facilitate stakeholder understanding and be committed to continual policy maintenance and improvement.
  • Educate and appropriately train employees, contractors and labour employees to enable them to work safely, and assign appropriate responsibilities and accountabilities to these individuals
  • Effectively Communicate openly on health and safety matters and disseminate health and safety information to employees, contractors, labour hire employees and visitors.
  • Monitor and review health and safety management performance and trends.


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